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February 22, 1997















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The Coconutheads

The Roots Side

Global Beat (USA)

Producer: Greg Istock


One of the best ways to survive the winter chill is to turn up the volume on some tropical musical product, and the Miami-based Coconutheads certainly do the trick. Their album relies heavily on reggae, but they accelerate with Caribbean abandon on Hand Of Fate, an uptempo soca number, combining soul and calypso. The Coconutheads are one of Global Beat's first releases; the label presented itself internationally at MIDEM, where it was scouting for foreign distribution and licensing deals. Global Beat is not a purist world music label, but aims to present worldwide sounds with a '90s attitude.

Contact: Laurence Singer at Global Beat, tel. (+1) 212 262 0004; fax: (+1) 212 262 4169.



Sound Of The Future

by j. poet


Symbiose, a trio of musician/singer/songwriters from Congo/Zaire, now based in Paris, is part of a new Afro-European movement that may be creating the dominant pop sound of the 21st Century. Its mixture of European club music, Afro-American r&b and its own African pop tradition has created a sound that draws on the band's influences to create a hybrid that's more than the sum of its parts. Symbiose's eponymous debut (Global Beat, ****) is packed with potential hits sung in English, French, Swahili and their native tongues. Strong cuts include "I Need Love", an Afro-house club killer, "Amazone", a bouncy zoukous workout and "Got A Fever Of You", an r&b ballad with a French Caribbean flavor. The Symbiose sound may be the future of international pop.