Terracotta is available here:

Terracotta (literally meaning Baked Earth) is often associatedwith earth which has been fashioned into functional forms like vessels,ornaments, tiles, and earthenware. An attractive and distinctive color alsocomes to mind. This orange/brown hue is associated with warmer climatesof the world.

The analogy to Terracotta, the musical group, reaches all cornersof the Earth as well: the mysterious beauty of Indian melodies, the groundedpower of African rhythms, the harmonic clarity of European classical sophistication,and the cool, hidden emotion of American jazz.

Terracotta's music represents a joyful and colorful celebrationof life.

Their upcoming disc features:
Craig Pruess: trumpet, sitar, bass, keyboards, percussion,kalimba, swarmandala, tambura, guitars, harmonium & rhythm programming.
John Altman: saxophones.
yo yo Blue: accoustic & electric violins and somepercussion.
Y Satish: sarangi.
DB Bannerjee: bansuri.
Kuljit Bhamra: persussion.
Navazigh Ali Khan: violin & vocals.







Touch the album above to download the complete fourth track,"Brothers", from their latest release (2706k).